Portugal Fisherman’s Trail

Beautiful South Portugal

Fisherman’s Trail

In the beginning of February 2023 I set off on a new adventure, this time to Portugal, where, during three weeks, I walked over 500kms between Sagres and Porto.

During the first week, I walked the Fisherman's Trail, ca. 170km starting in Sagres, on the south-western corner of Portugal and walking along the rugged and beautiful Atlantic coast to Porto Covo.

It was a fabulous walk, considered to be one of the most beautiful coastal walks in the world - something I would certainly agree with. There's hardly time to walk, constantly stopping up to take in the views, views that in many places can only be seen on foot.

There are a couple of down sides. Sand, sand and more sand, and a couple of longer of walks around inlets at Aljezur and Odeceixe - but much rather that than walking through industrial areas in large towns!

The Fisherman's Trail comes very highly recommended from me, and at least in 2023, February was a fantastic time of year to walk.

The Fisherman's Trail blog ....

Day 0: Copenhagen to Sagres February 3, 2023 The alarm went off at 3.45 - I felt that I'd barely fallen asleep, but was still a relief, as I was dreaming that I’d overslept. After a quick shower and standing breakfast we were ready - my wife had “volunteered” to drive me to the airport, through the sludge and rain.  The departure boards… Read more >
Day 1: Sagres to Vila do Bispo February 4, 2023 As I write the first part of this post, it is lunch time and I am sitting in Sagres, where I slept last night and left this morning, instead of walking towards Vila do Bispo. Not exactly what I had imagined. I had a good night’s sleep, 10 hours all told, waking every now and… Read more >
Day 2: Vila do Bispo to Chabouco February 5, 2023 Today was "only" 27km, but perhaps the most spectacular 27 kms I have ever walked. I know I am repeating myself, but the coastline is spectacular. One beautiful view is replaced by the next, one descent, at times dangerous, is replaced by an equivalent ascent and new spectacular views.   I slept well, waking up occasionally,… Read more >
Day 3: Chabouco to Rogil February 6, 2023 I woke somewhat stiff after the hard walk yesterday and wondering how the 34kms today would pan out, not least whether there would be just as much sand to walk through as there was yesterday. And it was a long day, walking from 9.15 to 5pm, 6km through sand and steep descents and ascents, not… Read more >
Day 4: Rogil to Asseiceira February 7, 2023 Breakfast was at 8am at the baker next door to the hotel - the owners own the hotel and the baker. Through a gradual dialogue with the lady behind the desk, who was putting bread and cakes in a display, I went from orange juice and a croissant, which wasn't particularly filling, followed by a… Read more >
Day 5: Asseiceira to Almograve February 8, 2023 I woke up to the sound of rain for the first time during this vacation. I’d slept well, but woke up 5 or 6 times with muscle pains, but fell asleep again once l changed position. Breakfast was with a Slovenian tour guide, who was in Portugal to find new walking trips for her clients… Read more >
Day 6: Almograve to Porto Covo February 9, 2023 Today was a big day. I had booked a room in Porto Covo, 36kms from where I stood this morning. Normally, 36 kms would be within my walking range, but today the big unknown is the sand, and not least how deep it is. Loose sand slows me down by ca. 1km per hour, so… Read more >
Porto Covo to Azambuja February 10, 2023 Today I was supposed to walk the 19kms to the next town, take a bus to Lisbon and a train to Azambuja, north of Lisbon, where I would start walking towards Porto. I ended the day in Azambuja, but a combination of a train strike and my broken shoes changed my plans. Today's pictures are… Read more >