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Temple to temple

88 temples on Shikoku

From Tokushima to Takamara and back to Tokushima. Starting April 8th 2018, I followed the route of Kõbõ Dashi, accredited with founding the Shikoku pilgrimage. I did not walk all 1.200 km, whilst visiting the 88 temples, but just above 700 km during my 5 week pilgrimage.

Follow my journey via the blog I wrote whilst walking, and experience with me, what a fantatstic place Shikoku is, with beautiful landscapes, fantastic temples and amazing people and hospitality.

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The beautiful Kii Peninsula

Koyasan and the Kumano Kodo

After visiting all 88 temples, and a dash across Shikoku to purchase a tile statue of Kobe Dashi, I travelled to the main island of Japan, Honshu. More specifically the Kii Peninsula – south of Osaka and Kyoto. Based in Wakayama I spent a week walking the Kumano Kodo, visiting Koyasan, where Kobo Daishi is believed to have died (or is resting!) and visiting Wakayama, the areas largest city.

Koyasan and Komano Kodo posts
Travelling Japan

Osaka to Kanazawa

I met my daughter in Tokyo and we travelled to Osaka, visiting Himeji and Nara, before using our Japan Travel pass to visit Takayama, Shirakawago and Kanazawa. We returned to Tokyo, from where I flew home to Denmark, and she continued her travels, in Tokyo, Seoul and Beijing.

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500 kms through the beautiful Kii Peninsula

Walking the Kumano Kodo

I spent an immensely enjoyable three weeks in Japan, walking 509kms in one the most beautiful and scenic areas in the world. I met a lot of very nice people, ate some fabulous food and lost 3 kilos in weight. What’s not to like?

The Kumano Kodo consists of seven pilgrimage routes, of which I walked four; the Iseji route, which leads from Ise-Jingu shrine in Ise to the Kumano Sanzan; the Nakahechi route, which extends east from Tanabe City, the Kohechi route, which connects Koyasan to Kumano Hongu Taisha Grand Shrine in Shingu and the Koyasan Choisimichi route from Koyasan.

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