Ruta del Cantabrico

Extending the Camino del Norte along the coast

Ruta Natural del Cantábrico

Rugged coastlines, spectacular rock formations, coves, craggy inlets and sandy beaches in abundance is on offer on the Ruta Natural del Cantábrico (Cantabrian Sea Nature Trail). Add in rolling countryside, seldomly visited fishing villages and historical towns as well as everything else Galicia has to offers. Ruta Natural del Cantábrico, is fantastic coast walking lovers like me – without as much inland walking as one finds on the Camino del Norte.

 In April and May 2024 over 23 days I walked the Camino del Norte from Santander to Ribadeo, where pilgrims on their way to Santiago start walking inland, away from the coast. Instead, I continued along the coast towards A Coruna, following the Cantabrian Sea Nature Trail from Ribadeo to Ortigueira, Costa Galega, between Ortigueira and Ferrol and Camino Ingles between Ferrol and Mino and then backroads to A Coruna.

Under one I have called them the Ruta Natural del Cantábrico, after the largest portion of the walk. The whole route lies very close to the Ruta do Mar, an historical Camino following roughly the same route to Ferrol.

This blog covers the part of the walk from Ribadeo to A Coruna – 10 days in total. (The blog for Santander to Ribadeo is found under Camino del Norte).

The map below is what I planned to walk, and is fairly, but by no means 100% accurate in relation to what I walked. Each blog contains a map of what I actually did walk.

Finally, please note that I create this site for my own use, so that in the coming years, when I probably no longer can walk on long trips, can recall via words and pictures the adventures I have had. If it is useful or inspiration for anybody else, that is an added plus! Feel free to contact me for information or questions.

Ruta Natural del Cantábrico

Day 14: Tapia de Casariego to Rinlo May 1, 2024 Today was my last half a day on the Camino del Norte. Whilst pilgrims on their way to Santiago walk inland, I will continue along the coast following the Ruta Natural del Cantabrico to Ortigueira and the Costa Gallega/Camino Ingles to A Coruna. The rain had stopped and I woke up to a mostly cloudy… Read more >
Day 15: Rinlo to Foz May 2, 2024 A song from my youth, "So Close Yet So Far Away" by the Strawbs came to mind today. I was less than 200m from today’s destination, Foz, but still had to walk 12kms to get there. After a very nice breakfast, served with a stunning 270 degree view of the coast and surrounding countryside, I… Read more >
Day 16: Foz to San Cibrao May 3, 2024 Back at the laundry to wash my walking clothes. If you've read more than a couple of my posts, you know that it isn't something I love doing, but it needs to be done. It helps that it is pouring down outside, so there would be little else to do anyway. I slept well, apart… Read more >
Day 17: San Cibrao to Celeiro May 4, 2024 Although the elements were against it being a great walk, today was fabulous. Today’s challenges started as soon as I was up - no breakfast, no bars along the way until 2km before my destination, 28km, 1.000m in ascent - it was constantly up and down - and finally at least 30 rain showers, non… Read more >
Day 18: Celeiro to O Vicedo May 5, 2024 I’m running out of superlatives for this part of my walk along the coastline of the Cantabrian Sea. Anybody walking the Camino del Norte and wishing that they’d seen more of the coastline, should just continue straight on at Ribadeo instead of going inland. Another great day with view after view after view. Todays walk… Read more >
Day 19: O Vicedo to Ortigueira May 6, 2024 A day of two walking parts. A morning where I covered 20km in some of the most beautiful nature one can find (even more spectacular than the previous days if at all possible) and an afternoon where, after a very heavy lunch, I covered 12km of not so exciting road walking. I have read that… Read more >
Day 21: San Andres de Teixdo to Valdovino May 8, 2024 For the very last time on this trip, I'm writing this waiting for my clothes to be washed and dried. It's ca. 6pm, and I haven’t even reached this evenings hotel. Last night at the excellent Casa Rural in San Andres, I slept badly. No idea why, it was an excellent bed and it was… Read more >
Day 22: Valdovino to Pontedeume May 9, 2024 My legs were tired as I walked to the bar for breakfast, not a great sign with ca. 35km to walk, for the most part along roads passing through Ferrol, before joining the Camino Ingles and meeting other walkers. I left at around 9am, after the customary, coffee, toast and juice breakfast. It was pretty… Read more >
Day 23: Pontedeume to A Coruna May 10, 2024 My last day before flying home and the day I missed a turn and walked almost 2 kilometers before realising and having to walk back. Typical on my last day and typical on the hottest day so far. I slept well, and went to one of the four bars in the town square to eat… Read more >
Ribadeo to A Coruna – Conclusion and Hotel list June 5, 2024 My overall conclusion is that this is a fabulous walk. This is the ultimate alternative route on the Camino del Norte, staying on the coast after Ribadeo and joining the Camino Ingles in Ferrol for those wishing to walk to Santiago. The views are spectacular, the signage excellent, at least whilst still on the Ruta… Read more >