Danish Pilgrimage Denmark Hærvejen (Ox Road) Jylland (Jutland)

Day 30: Jels to Vedsted

Jels B&B was directly on the route, so I was on my may by 8.30. It was pleasant walking weather, and today I had to cover ca. 37km and meet my wife in Vedsted at around 16.00. She was driving from Copenhagen.

The first eight or so kilometers were fairly uneventful, primarily along paths in the countryside or through plantations.


The next four kilometers were along a beautiful undulating trail along Nørre Å (Northern River), not least with with great views of the river.

I continued through Jægerup and onto Vojens.

In Vojens I bought some lunch and passed Vojens Church and along more forest paths, on my way to Tørning Mølle.

There has most likely been a watermill at Tørning Mølle since the middle ages and has been running into the 1960’s. Today it is a cultural center, idyllically placed on the edge of Sandkulle Forest and Stevning Dam and Lake.

I was still six or seven kilometers from Vedsted, and the weather had turned for the better during the afternoon, the offered some great views over the Southern Jutland countryside.

I arrived at Vedsted at 16.30, just as my wife arrived from Copenhagen – perfect timing.


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