Japan 2018, Osaka, Himeji, Nara, Takayama, Shirakawago, Kanazawa, Tokyo

Day 39 and 40: Osaka

I think I’d forgotten how big and noisy Asian mega cities are and after 30 odd days in the countryside, Osaka came as a shock. There are people and noise everywhere. After 2 days on trains back and forth to Tokyo, Thursday was a see Osaka day, which in essence pretty much means walking the shopping streets and writing this whilst my daughter tries things on – I’d also forgotten how slow she is! And the Chinese invasion has certainly begun in Osaka. They are everywhere, with rolling suitcases they fill up with everything from food to cosmetics to clothes.

Pictures from day 39.

Robot at the hotel that could teach you different things, e.g. do neck relaxing exercises.

Sushi for dinner:

Osaka by night. I have never seen so many restaurants in such a small area before.

Pictures from day 40.

A shrine close to our hotel.

Uniqlo (Japanese store) have launched a lego collection of t-shirts – about 15 different t-shirts with lego motives.

Yanmei copying the advert behind her – seemed to be the thing to do!

And finally for dinner, sashimi and sushi, in a fish restaurant where you sit on a boat with fish all around the boat. You can borrow a rod, and if you catch a fish, it’s yours to eat.

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