Spectacular Atlantic coast in Southern Portugal

Fisherman’s Trail

In the beginning of February 2023, I walked the Fisherman's Trail, ca. 170km starting in Sagres, on the south-western corner of Portugal and walking along the rugged and beautiful Atlantic coast to Porto Covo.

It was a fabulous walk, considered to be one of the most beautiful coastal walks in the world - something I would certainly agree with. There's hardly time to walk, constantly stopping up to take in the views, views that in many places can only be seen on foot.

Fisherman's Trail
Lisbon to Valenca via the coastal route

Camino Portugues

For 26 days (incl. 3 rest days) during February and August 2023, I walked ca. 650 kms along the Camino Portugues, starting just outside Lisbon and ending in Santiago de Compostela. From Porto I took the coastal route to Caminha and walked inland to Valenca. During my walk, I included the Camino Nascente between Tomar and Fatima and the Camino Carmelite between Fatima and Coimbra.

I stopped off in Fatima, Tomar and Coimbra to enjoy these very different, but fabulous towns.

Camino Portugues (Portugal and Spain)
Portuguese Variants

Camino’s Nascente and Carmelite

Whilst walking towards Porto, I made two variants. After a day in Tomar I walked from Tomar to Fatima along the fairly strenuous Camino Nascente. Following a day spent in Fatima, I then took the picturesque Camino Carmelite between Fatima and Coimbra.

Select the link below to view the blog posts from Tomar to Coimbra via the variants.

Camino Nascente and Carmelite