Danish Pilgrimage Denmark Sjælland (Zealand), Lolland, Falster Sjælland North to South

Day 10: Gulborg to Maribo (and Dodekalit)

After a quiet evening in Sakskøbing and a good breakfast at the hotel, we drove back to Gulborg, where my wife dropped me off close to where I had ended yesterday. The day was split in two parts, Gulborg to Sakskøbing, where we ate sandwiches on the town square, and from there to Maribo. All in all 29km, where the morning was a mixture of roads and forest, the afternoon along roads.

Gulborgsund marks the border between Falster, where I walked yesterday, and Lolland, Denmarks 4th largest island, residing in the Baltic sea. The bridge that joins them is 180m long and opened in 1934.

Leaving Gulborg somebody had painted lots of small stones with different Corona related messages, like the one below – it will get better soon. Let’s hope it does.

Just outside Gulborg the path left the main road a passed through Færgemark and Hildesvig forests, close to the coastline, followed by the privately owned Berrit forest. It was nice to walk through forests again after so much walking on roads.

Out of the forest and back on very quiet roads towards Killerup and Sakskøbing.

I ate lunch on the square in Sakskøbing, and saw a couple of veteran Volkswagons on show.

After lunch I continued towards Maribo, turning north on the outscirts of Sakskøbing and following Stenstrup and Nielstrup roads to Krårup.

On towards picturesque Hunseby church, close to Knuthenborg Safari park.

I had agreed to meet my wife in Maribo, and with 3 or 4 kms still to go, I was tempted to take a lift. However, I resisted the temptation and walked into Maribo, along Nørresø.

The weather was beautiful and not a cloud in the sky. We decided to visit Dodekalitten, a sculptural and musical monument, still being built. Dodekalit means 12 stones in Greek, and when we visited, 11 had been erected, 6 with faces.

We drove back to Sakskøbing along the country roads, and spent another pleasant eveing in Sakskøbing, recuperating before the last leg on Lolland of the southern Sjælland leg of the Danish pilgrimage.

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