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Day 2: Hillerød to Tåstrup

I decided to start a couple of kilometers south or where I had ended on day one. It was another beautiful day, as I walked due south from Hillerød to Tåstrup, walking just over 44kms in ca. 7 hours.

I walked south through Hammersholt, through Børstingerød Mose (marsh) to Lillerød.

From Lillerød I passed by Allerød Sø (lake) and the funnily named Kattehale (Cat tail!) and Sønderskov (forest) before hitting the outskirts of Farum and its cement – lots of houses and paths running between them.

After Farum I stopped for lunch overlooking Farum Sø (lake) before walking along Ryget Skov on the outskirts of Værløse and close to the very picturesque Kirke Værløse.

East around Søndersø (lake) and still going south through Jonstrupsvang forest and Lundegårdens nature park, before reaching Ballerup.

I considered stopping, but decided to continue towards Tåstrup, Vestskov (forest), the small village of Risby, famous for housing Nordisk Film studios, past Albertslund golf club and along the motorway and ending up at Ikea. My wife had trobles finding Hillerød station on day 1, so I was sure Ikea would be easier to find – it was, she was waiting for me as I arrived – tired.

Two days walking in beautiful weather, 90 kms, and lots of beautiful scenery.

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