Danish Pilgrimage Denmark Gendarmstien (Gendarme Path) Jylland (Jutland)

Day 20: Sønderborg to Kruså

Today was the last day I would walk in 2020, and the second day along Gendarmstien. I had agreed to meet my wife, who was driving from Copenhagen, in Kruså at 16:00. 36km to the German border at Wassersleben and a couple more to Kruså. I checked out of the hotel and walked over the bridge between Als and Jylland at about 8.30’ish.

Most of the day would be spent walking along the coast. I passed the castle on the other side of the estuary, and I could see the windmill at Dybbelsbro, as I walked towards Broager.

I walked up the hill towards Broager and its imposing twin towered church, which can been seen for miles around.

Back down the hill towards Egersund.

I continued along the coast, at times on the beach, stepping carefully so as not to get wet feet. There were a number of lighthouses as I walked along the coast.

It was the middle of October and the autumn colours were in abundance, although the tree hadn’t lost all their leaves yet.

The last few kilometers were through the hilly Kolund forest, which reminded me of many of my walks in Japan. I arrived at the unmanned German border and and walked across the bridge into Germany, but quickly back again. I didn’t have my passport with me.

My wife arrived in Kruså as I was at the German border. The road to the border was closed, so I walked another kilometer along the German border, fenced off to stop wild pigs. We met halfway and walked back to the car and drove to Høruphav where we would spend a couple of days, and a couple more days back in Sønderborg. We’d never visited Als before.

I left Odense and arrived in Kruså after 4 days. I walked a total of 139 km over the 4 days, bringing my total along the Danish Pilgrimage to 693. I now only have Jylland to walk. Let’s see what 2021 brings.

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