Danish Pilgrimage Denmark Hærvejen (Ox Road) Jylland (Jutland)

Day 28: Spjarup to Skibelund Krat

Two weeks after I arrived walking to Spjarup, I am on my way back, via a morning train from Copenhagen to Kolding and a bus ride to a bus stop close to Spjarup. I continue to walk south, today ca. 30km, to Vejen, where I ended in 2020 when I walked across Sjælland, Fyn and part of Jutland.

It was grey and wet when the bus dropped me off. It took me a few minutes to orientate myself and find the path, which went across a field. The area was hilly, but the views non-existent thanks to the high humidity level.

I ate lunch in a rest area, next to a protected piece of the original Hærvej, but it was too wet to explore the area, and the new path went in parallel.

The highlight of the day was undoubtedly Klebæk Høje, just before I arrived at the villlage of Bække. The site represents three prehistoric periods. Firstly there are two peat-built barrows from the Early Bronze Age, which were created for the distinguished families, typically trade families from around 1500-1200. Secondly, a 45-metre ship-shaped stone setting with rune stones, from the Viking Age, which was created between the Bronze Age barrows, and was erected by a local chieftain, Ravnunge-Tue, in commemoration of his late mother, Vibrog.

Bække used to be an important town on the Ox road, but has since lost its importance. Bække mill and Bække church, with yet another Rune Stone outside the church.

From Bjække I continued towards Læborg and its church. I arrived on the outskirts of Vejen at ca. 17.00, but still had another 6km to reach my destination. My route followed a ring road with absolutely nothing at to see. Skibelund Krat is situated 2km outside Vejen, and an extremely interesting place to visit. But I didn’t realise that, until the next morning.

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