Danish Pilgrimage Denmark Hærvejen (Ox Road) Jylland (Jutland)

Day 33: Frederikshavn to Thorshøj

It is almost 3 weeks since I arrived at the German border. Today I am at the northern end of Jutland in the fishing port of Frederikshavn, ready to walk towards Aars, where I also visited on day 21, when I started my walk along the Ox road (Hærvejen). I expect to walk for 5 days, and spend a day in Denmark’s 4th largest town, Aalborg. I arrived in Frederikshavn last night, after taking a train from Copenhagen on Saturday afternoon.

It was a grey and damp morning as I left Frederikshavn for a 27km walk to Thorshøj.

On the outskirts of Frederikshavn I arrived at Bangsbo, formed during the recent ice age with high hills and deep gorges, with museums and gardens.

And through Bangsbo Animal Park and following Bangsbo Å (river) towards the coast and through a military station with many antenna.

I was windy and wet and I almost lost my rain poncho trying to put it on, as the wind caught it. I continued towards Hørbylund.

The water in the picture above is said to come from a sacred spring, a salt spring. Sacred springs have historically been sought after for their healing properties. I continued past Hørby and Torslev churches and onto Thorshøj in pouring rain.

I arrived at the bus stop in Thorshøj with 15 mins to spare, eat my lunch and took the bus back to the hotel in Frederikshavn.

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