Shikoku 88 Introduction

Nõkyõchõ and Osame-fuda

The stamp book or Nõkyõchõ is your proof that you have indeed visited each of the 88 temples. After worshiping at the temple, one takes it to the office and to have it signed and stamped. It costs 300 yen (2,3 €) per temple.

Name slips, or osame-fuda, are slips on which you write your name and address, date and a wish. You then deliver them in the temples nameslip box, in both the main and daishi halls.


In addition, you give these to people you meet on your way that give you gifts (settai, or Osettai) or show you kindness. It is normal for local people to share small gifts with pilgrms along the route – meals, fruit, money, drink, clothes, car lifts and more, are examples of such gifts, that one should gracefully accept.

Finally, the name slips have different colours, depending on the number of times you have walked the henro.

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