Shikoku 88 Introduction Temples and Shrines

Temple etiquette

There are a number of steps one should follow when visiting a temple. These steps are recommended, but not compulsory.

At the main gate (to ward of evil spirit’s): Stand on the left hand side of the gate, put your hands togeter, and bow once.

At the wash basin (to purify oneself): Wash yopur hands and mouth.

At the bell tower (to mark one’s arrival): Ring the bell once. Never ring when leaving, that is considered as bad luck.

At the Main hall (the statue of the main diety is enshrined here): Light one candle and three sticks of insence. Ring the bell once and place your name slip in the box, and place a donation in the offer box. Then place your hands together and recite suntras (a scripture).

At the Daishi hall (a statue of Kõbõ Daishi is enshrined here): Worhip the same way as one did at the Main Hall.

At the temple office: Collect the temple stamp in ones temple book (as described in the previous blog).

At the main gate: Face the main gate and bow once.

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