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Day 14: Fjelsted to Middelfart

It is the third day of my walk along the Fyn leg of the Danish pilgrimage. Today I walk to Middelfart, from our hotel in Fjelsted, walking a total of 27 km.

I started the day walking back towards Fjelsted through a forest and past maize fields …

and onwards towards Køstrup and Vejrup. One is really in the countryside here, lots of fields with different crops and few and far between houses.

A large part of the route today follows bicycle route 6 to Middelfart.

The first larger town, after 10 km, was Båring, with an art path as you walk into town. The pilgrim path led towards the coast and Båring Mark. Primarily a summer cottage area, but with lots of new and large houses being built as well.

The first view of the bridge towards Jylland.

I continued to walk towards the bridge, which is a motorway bridge, through rolling countryside, and finally along a path towards the bridge.

As I walked down this road to the main road into Middelfart, my wife, who had spent the morning in Bogense, drove past. I continued to walk past large seafront houses, as I walked the last couple of kilometers into Moiddelfart.

Middelfart owes its existence to being situated at the narrowest point across Little Belt. Its oldest house, a half timbered house, dates back to 1585, and the old bridge, which I will walk tomorrow, was inaugurated in 1935 and linked Jylland and Fyn.

My wife and I were staying at Hindsgavl, a castle from 1784, but there was a castle on the grounds much earlier, in fact as way back as the 13th century, and ruins still can be found on the grounds. The castle is situated with beautiful views across the belt, and in a large park. Hindsgavl is a hotel and conference center today.

My wife, not concerned that I’d already walked 27 km, decided we should go for a walk before dinner. We ended walking 7 km in the beautiful landscape, with beautiful weather and beautiful views.

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