Danish Pilgrimage Denmark Jylland (Jutland) Jylland East to West

Day 15: Middelfart to Kolding

27km along roads, and many along the main road between Middelfart and Kolding with lots of traffic. Not the most interesting leg of the trip so far.

I started from Hindsgavl. My wife was going top spend the morning at Clay, the museum of ceramic art. I set off towards the Little Belt bridge, the first bridge between Fyn and Jylland, built in 1935 for both traffic and trains.

Walking along Kolding Landevej I passed the painted electric masts that I have passed so many times on the motorway.

Whilst I walked towards Skærbæk, feeling a bit sorry for myself having to walk along roads, heavily trafficked roads as well, a sms ticked in from my wife.

I bought a Mars bar in Skærbæk Brugsen and continued back towards the main road.

I left the main road towards Birkemose, passing the golf club, before taking lunch next to Birkemose marshland. The marshland is area where eels grow and where, when sexually mature leave and take the 5.000 km trip to Saragasso Sea in the Atlantic, off the coast of Florida, to pair. According to the information board, there are only 2 – 10% of the eels there were in the 1970’s.

I continued towards Nørre Bjert through the countryside.

Passing Nørre Bjert I continued towards Kolding along the coast, with fantastic views over Kolding Fjord (which I didn’t take picture of!).

My wife picked me up at Kolding station and we stayed a pleasant night in the very grand looking Kolding Fjord hotel.




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