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Day 18: Brobyværk to Bøjden (via Fåborg)

It was supposed to be 25km to from Lærkedal to Fåborg, and an additional 12km to Bøjden. I’d already walked a few km past Lærkedal, so I thought it would be an easy day to get to Bøjden. I was wrong. Brobyværk to Fåborg turned out to be 32km. It was a beautiful day as I set off from Brobyværk Kro, after a good breakfast. Looking back, if I was going to highlight a single leg so far, today’s leg to Fåborg, would be it. Rolling countryside and autumn colours were a perfect match, with good weather, for a perfect walk.

I walked south to the village of Tørringe and then west towards Søbo lake. I understand why a lot of cyclists use these roads for training – it is fairly hilly with many fantastic views.

Over Håstrup Bjerge (mountains!) also with great views towards to coast

and onwards towards a view point called the Queens vantage point.

I continued over the Fyns Alps along the Øhavs (Archipelago) route.

Followed by Svanninge Hills, a hilly nature area. Being Sunday, there were many out enjoying the good weather. There was an extreme marathon (50km on a 4,2km route in the hills)  taking place, so there were quite a few runners as well.

I continued towards Fåborg.

I ate lunch in Fåborg, it was getting on for 3pm and the ferry from Bøjden left at 5pm or 7pm, and there were 12km left to walk. I knew it would be touch and go if I really pushed it. I started out with an intent to make the 5pm ferry, but after a few km decided to lower the pace and take the 7pm ferry. Knowing it would be dark by ca. 6pm, and not wanting to walk in the dark, I couldn’t go too slowly.

I walked along the coast before going inland towards Horne and Horne church on a hill, overlooking the village, a church built in the late middle ages and can be seen from far and yonder.

I walked through Horne before continuing through the rolling countryside towards the coast and many summer homes.

To get to the ferry, I had to walk along the main Bøjden to Fåborg main road. As I had plenty of time, I was hoping there was somewhere I could stop from a bite to eat. No such luck, and I arrived at the ferry offices at 5.30pm, in plenty of time for the 7pm ferry.

I toook the 7pm ferry to Fynshav on Als, and the bus to the Sønderborg, where I spent the night.

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