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Day 17: Odense to Brobyværk

It is exactly a month since I arrived in Vejen after spending 16 days walking the route of the Danish pilgrimage across Sjælland, Lolland, Falster, Fyn and 2 legs in Jylland. Today I am back in Odense, where I will walk south to Brobyværk, 34km, and continue in the coming days to Kruså via Bøjden, Als and Southern Jylland.

I arrived in Odense at 9am on a Saturday morning on a train from Copenhagen. I walked through a deserted city center down to Odense Å, following the stream southwards, and in beautiful sunshine.

I passed through Dalum, after waiting for the train to pass, and Dalum church, and continued to Bellinge, still following the river.

Bellinge is famous for a key found in a gravel pit in the area close to Bellinge bridge and sold to Odense museum in 1881. It is believed to dated to the early middle ages, between 1050 and 1200.

Bellinge marked the end of walking along paths and it was roads the rest of the way towards Brobyværk, via Borreby and the well kept thatched, half timbered house.

Onwards towards Hjelmerup, dating back to 1793, and still not far from Odense Å.

Next stop was Verninge, and Verninge church.

On through the beautiful forested and hilly Lærkedal – after passing a 30 year old celebration on the way.

I passed Fyns glider club and watched a couple pf gliders take off.

I arrived at Brobyværk in time to have a look around.

Before checking in at the hotel.

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