Danish Pilgrimage Denmark Hærvejen (Ox Road) Jylland (Jutland)

Day 35: Aalborg to Klokkerholm

It was a beautiful sunny day when I left the hotel at 7.30 to walk across Aalborg to Vesterbro (West bridge) to catch bus 73 at 8.00. It didn’t come. I waited 20 minutes, slightly frustrated, and had no choice but to walk from Aalborg to Klokkerholm, rather than Klokkerholm to Aalborg. Seen as walking along Hærvejen, it makes no difference, it is ca. 30km whatever the direction. But the difference is that in Klokkerholm, no matter what time I arrive, the bus leaves at 16.42, but if I walked towards Aalborg, as soon as I arrived I could go to the hotel.

From Vesterbro I crossed the bridge to Nørre Sundby and walked through Nørre Sundby and the outlet to Aalborg Bay. As such one doesn’t walk next to the water, but pretty much always a few hundred meters away, and up until kilometer 9 along the motorway, amidst the noise.

In Aalborg there is a bridge over and a motorway tunnel under Limfjorden – the picture above I cross the tunnel.

I continued north-east towards Grindsted, largely through a forested landscape, leaves falling to the ground and berries past their best.

It was back on the road again towards Gridsted and after passing through the town, it was flat agricultural land. The sign below is for tin darts, and there were a number of tins in the bin.

I passed through Ørum and another white painted church. I was tempted to take an earlier bus that the one I ended up taking, but resisted the temptation and continued towards Klokkerholm, without much to see, arriving with almost 2 hours to kill before the bus arrived – and nothing to do.

I arrived back in Aalborg. Today my wife would arrive from Copenhagen and we would spend the day in Aalborg, sightseeing.

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