Danish Pilgrimage Denmark Hærvejen (Ox Road) Jylland (Jutland)

Day 36: Aalborg to Byrsted

Yet another 30km day, as I left Aalborg and walked south towards Aars.

I left Aalborg passing the hospital and Zoo as well as the suburbs of Hasseris and Sofiendal, with great views towards Limfjorden.

I passed Drastrup forest, which was fairly hilly, and also with nice views.

I continued onwards to Svenstrup church and took a break at a small lake just below the church.

The lake was connected to the lake at Godthåb via a canal, which I followed for the next 3 kms.

Up until the 1970’s the Godthåb Hammerværk was a Danish industrial company. The Zinck family manufactured tools for use in agriculture and households for five generations, up until the 70’s. Today it is a museum, The listed buildings house the original workshop with restored machines, all of which are powered by hydropower, and have been from the very start, and are still running. Unfortunately, I did not realise that it was a museum and walked on, along the canal to Godthåb.

From Godthåb I continued towards Øster Hornum, through farming countryside.

From Øster Hornum,  I walked up the hill to Frendrup  Nihøje. Today there are seven family burial mounds, but when the mounds were built in the Bronze Age (1700-1100 BC). Originally, as the name indicates, there were nine (Ni = Nine). The mounds have not been archaeologically excavated, so it is not known what riches the buried have brought with them to the grave.

My wife arrived here 5 minutes after I had left and saw me walking off into the distance. I still had 6km to walk, before arriving at Byrsted.

My wife was waiting at Byrsted and we drove to the hotel at Næsbydale.

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