Danish Pilgrimage Denmark Hærvejen (Ox Road) Jylland (Jutland)

Day 37: Byrsted to Aars

Theoretically I would today complete my walk along the Ox road, Hærvejen, as with the 22km from Bysted to Aars, I will have walked from Frederikshavn in the north, to Padborg in the south. However, there is an arm of the Ox road to the west, from Hirtshals to Aars, which I need to walk to be able to say that I have completed the Danish Pilgrimage. That will have to wait until 2022.

We left the hotel and drove to Løgstør to see King Frederik VII’s Canal. The canal stretches 4.4 kilometers between Løgstør and Lendrup and was opened in 1861. The canal made it possible for the ships to pass by the shallow areas of the Limfjord around Løgstør and was in use until 1913, when a channel was dug out in the fjord making the canal obsolete. The white house below is Limfjords museum (which was closed) and the bridge is a renovated draw bridge.

From Løgstør we drove to Næsborg Church, situated at 58m above sea level, offering a fantastic panoramic view over Limfjorden. Unfortunately, the weather was not fantastic, but the view was.

From Næsborg we drove back to Byrsted, where I finished yesterday.

I walked towards Veggerby church, a church that could be seen for miles around in the flat landscape, and a church that seemed to be in the middle of nowhere.

I continued towards Højris Mølle (Mill) which until the late 1900’s was a large agricultural and forestry property, with a water mill on Sønderup River.

Just outside Skivum, I joined a path that I would follow all the way to Aars – I imagine an earlier railway line.

From Blære, the path is called the Planet Trail. Along the 7kms to Aars, one can experience the extent of the solar system. The sun is positioned at Aars >(bottom picture) and from there, you can walk or cycle approx. six kilometers out of the path towards Blære to the planet Pluto, passing the planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus meet. The trail gives a good idea of the immense size of the solar system, as the planets are placed along the trail in the ratio 1: 1,000,000,000.

I arrived at Aars bus station, thereby completing Frederikshavn to Padborg along Hærvejen. It was my second visit to Aars as I arrived here when I walked north from Viborg. I met my wife and we took a look around the center of the town, before driving home to Copenhagen.

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