Danish Pilgrimage Denmark Sjælland (Zealand), Lolland, Falster Sjælland North to South

Day 5: Ringsted to Næstved (or visa versa)

After 51kms on day 4 (albeit 3 days ago) I planned a shorter trip of 37km today. I drove to Ringsted and left the car at the station. The trains weren’t running, so I decided to take a bus to Næstved and walk back to Ringsted (so I could drive home as soon as I arrived, instead of having to wait for the bus in Næstved, which ran every 30 mins). Luckily, the bus left Ringsted a few minutes after I arrived, and I was walking by 10am. Whereas a lot of the walking I had done so far was on paths through forests, after Ringsted, there was a noticeable change. Much of the walking was now along roads next to fields growing different types of crops – different cereals and cabbage types.

Today I started I walked north. Starting at the station I walked through town, passing the cathedral towards the Suså (stream), which I would follow for the first half of the journey.

The path was fairly busy with Sunday morning joggers and walkers as I walked towards Herlufsholm, a boarding school dating back to 1565, situated in beautiful grounds.

There is also a church with statues of Herluf Trolle and Birgitte Gøye, who started the school, and a beautiful cemetery, with a small chapel.

I continued north, mostly along roads through Ladby and Holløse, passing the site that the new gas pipe from Russia to Germany will pass.

and on towards Skelby, still following and crossing the Suså.

Passing Skelby church and burial mound


Further north to the small town of Glumsø and its larger lake

After lunch, overlooking the lake, onwards from Glumsø and it’s church, towards Tyvelse and its church, walking along more roads and more farms and fields waiting to be harvested.

And from Tyvelse and its church to Vrangstrup and it’s church with a wooden tower.

The pilgrim routes south to Vordingborg and Rødby, and the route west to Slagelse, Fyn and Jylland, split at this signpost. So when I go west next week from Ringsted to Slagelse, I will start here. There is really no need to walk from Ringsted a second time, when I’ve already done it today.

Past Englerup and on towards Høm.

From Høm along Route 14 and then Ringsted Å (river) before making my way back to the station to pick up the car.

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