Danish Pilgrimage Denmark Sjælland (Zealand), Lolland, Falster Sjælland East to West

Day 6: Ringsted to Slagelse

Today was hot, really hot. I walked 27km. I walked for 4hrs 40mins. I rested for 53mins. The average temperature was 29 degrees. Even though it was by far the shortest distance since I left Helsingør, I don’t recall feeling so tired.

A few days previously I had walked to Ringsted from Nestvæd. The route south towards Rødbyhavn and the route west towards Nyborg, share the same route between Ringsted and the signposts blow – ca. 8km after Ringsted. My wife dropped me off and whilst I walked, she visited Sorø, and duly sent me pictures enjoying a cup of tea.

Most of the walking was on roads today, with a short walk through Alsted forest. The morning was spent walking past fields with different crops along Sigerstedvej and Alstedvej.

At Alsted there were a few houses and a church (closed) and a forsamlingshus (assembly hall)

On towards Vester Broby and Kongsgården, the areas largest farm from 1818, and now a local history museum and church.

After Vester Broby, the path along a field that had already ben harvested, and passes through a forest that follows the Suså, a river that I first met in Næstved, and is Sjællands longest warterway.

Back on the road through Suserup and and down towards the Tystrup lake (Denmark’s 8th largest), where I stopped for lunch. The Suså river runs through the lake, and would be the last time I follow the river.

The last 8kms towards the hotel for the night, went more or less due west along Lorupvej.

I arrived at the hotel just before my wife. Tired. We stayed the night at Vilcon Hotel, in the countryside, and on the walking route, before Slagelse. After checking in we drove to Slagelse, had a good dinner at the hotel before watching the sun set from the chalet we were staying in.

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