Danish Pilgrimage Denmark Sjælland (Zealand), Lolland, Falster Sjælland North to South

Day 8: Næstved to Vordingborg

Today I was back on the south Sjælland part of the Danish pilgrimage, from Næstved, where I had walked on day 5, to Vordingborg, a trip of 34 kms.

The day got off to a bad start. It was touch and go if I would walk today, as the weather forecast predicted torrential rain during the morning. As it looked like the rain would pass Næstved on its way towards Copenhagen at around 9am, I decided to take a chance. When driving on the motorway towards Næstved, the motorway splits south towards Næstved and west towards Slagelse just before Køge. I met the torrential rain a few kms before the intersection. 500m before the intersection a lorry changed lane just in front of me. Visibility was very bad, he probably didn’t see me, and I managed to swerve so that he didn’t hit me. I was a bit shaken, but non-deterred, carried. What I didn’t think about, until the rain stopped, was that because I was forced to change lane, I’d take the intersection towards Slagelse (and Fyn/Jylland) instead of south towards Næstved. Only close to Slagelse did I realise, got off the motorway, and took the main road from Slagelse to Næstved – passing where I’d crossed the same road on day 7 – now 3 weeks ago. I arrived in Næstved ca. 45mins later than expected.

There were still heavy clouds overhead as I left Næstved past the cemetery and towards Rønnebæk and its church, just after which, it started to rain, the first rain I had experienced whilst walking the Danish pilgrimage.

By the time I reached the picturesque village of Næstelsø, the rain had stopped, and open up for a glorious day in the sun.

I passed through Mogenstrup and Lov, following the train tracks south, and with great views over Dybsø Fjord …

.. before arriving in Hammer and Hammershus church.

I continued towards Lundby,…

.. passing a 5.200 year old grave

I continued south passing Lundby, Sværdborg and Over Vindinge.

After a couple of kilometers along the mail road between Næstved and Vordingborg, the last few kilometers follow the railway track, passing a local craftsman school before arriving at Vordingborg station, taking the train back to Næstved and driving back to Copenhagen, without any detours.

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