Danish Pilgrimage Denmark Sjælland (Zealand), Lolland, Falster Sjælland East to West

Day 7: Slagelse to Korsør

Yet another hot day. After a good nights sleep and a good breakfast at the hotel, I set off towards Korsør station that marks the end on the west Sjælland part of the Danish pilgrimage – 27km, as yesterday, primarily along roads.

Via Rosted, crossing the busy Slagelse Landvej and on towards Harrested. It was early Sunday morning, so it wasn’t very busy

Passing through Harrested and it’s small pond, beautifully lined with trees, but the water was green.

I continued towards Slots Bjergby (Castle Mountain Town). It was uphill all the way to the center of the village, and its elevated church. The view from the top was magnificent (so much so, I forgot to take a picture).

Just outside Slots Bjergby is a bronze age grave Hashøj, one of Denmarks 311 trigometric points, placed on different tops around Denmark and a Radio tower, used, before satellites, to connect radio signals across the country.

The view towards the bridge to Fyn was fantastic.

After crossing the motorway between Fyn and Sjælland, the pilgrim route headed towards Slagelse. I decided to take a shorter route towards the Viking museum, Trelelborg. The street sign below (Udsigten = The View).

The impressive remains of one of the Vikings’ great ring fortresses, Trelleborg, originally constructed around AD 980 by King Harald Bluetooth. I didn’t have time to visit the fort, but the whole area Tude ådal, is certainly worth returning to. I saw both pheasant and deer, but I am so heavy footed that they were gone before I had time to take any pictures.

After leaving the Tude å area, I walked along roads, including the summer cottage area of Frølunde Fed before arriving at the Great Belt that seperates Sjælland and Fyn. I ate lunch overlooking the sea, it had actually turned quite chilly.

I walked along the beach for a kilometer or so – it felt like more as it was fairly hard going, and towards Svenstrup, the beach was fairly busy, so I had to be careful not to kick sand.

At Svenstrup I left the beach and walked inland, before following the railway track towards Korsør station.

Although there was a lot of time spent on the road, the views around Slots Bjergby were fantastic, as was the scenery around Trelleborg and Tude Å. I you have time, instead of racing along the motorway, it’s well worth taking a short detour.

I’ve walked for a week, not on consecutive days, through north and west Sjælland, through beautiful and varying scenery. 275km of the Danish pilgrimage in total. Read on as the next 4 days I walk through southern Sjælland, Lolland and Falster.

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