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Day 16: Kolding to Vejen

Today started along paths, but most of the day was spent with more walking along roads. This is the first time I have walked 5 consecutive days since I was in Japan last spring, and I can feel it. With 31km today, the walk from Nyborg to Vejen has covered 167 km along the Danish pilgrims route and 554 km in the 16 days since I left Helsingør.

I drove back to Kolding station, and left Kolding via Koldinghus castle and following a path along Kolding Å (river).

It was a pleasant walk, up until, following the map, I left the main path and followed a path that ended up as mud. I carried on until it got so bad, that I had to turn back – with wet feet. I always carry two pairs of shoes and socks, but of course not today.

The path had been moved 30m, from the original path, and it fact turned out I could have just stayed on the mail path and ended up at Harteværket and hydropower plant from 1920, that is still in production.

The water for the hydropower plant comes from Donssøerne (lakes) which the trail followed until I reacher Esbjergvej (road), and the rest of the day was spent on roads.

I walked towards and around Lunderskov, where I ate lunch with a view in the distance of Dollerup Sø (lake).

After Lunderskov, I entered Vejen kommune, passed Andst, with its church and Gamst, before reaching the station in Vejen. Vejen is at the junction of the Hærvejen (Army road, also sometimes known as the Ox road) that goes from north-Jylland to the German border in south-Jylland, and passes through Vejen.

I took the train to Esbjerg, where my wife was visiting family.

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